Live betting analysis – strategies and tricks

Live betting has become more and more popular among the amateurs that are looking for adrenaline and an even more interesting and fun experience. Contrary to traditional betting, real time betting allows users to bet when an event is taking place. In this analysis, we’re going to analyse the dynamics of live betting and see how to improve the winning chances. Moreover, we’re going to analyse the Betwinner sportsbook in what concerns its live betting opportunities for you.

What is a live bet?

Live betting is a unique opportunity for bettors. This way, they can react in real time to the games’ dynamics. Moreover, unlike in the case of traditional betting, the odds fluctuate very fast. That’s why it’s essential for bettors to react immediately and to pay attention to the unfolding match.

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Top tricks for successfully bet in real time

  1. Preparation is the key

Before starting with this type of betting, doing your homework is essential. You have to get familiar with your favorite teams, with the sport you want to bet on and other important statistics. This way, the chances of losing are diminished. After that, you have to choose your online sportsbook. We’d recommend you to choose Betwinner sportsbook in order to have a great experience when it comes to these betting types. They offer a live betting section and the sports market is really huge.

  1. Watch the live match

Live betting is more efficient when you watch the live match. Seeing the action unfolding allows you to make better decisions. For example, you can see the capacity of your favorite team live. In what concerns Betwinner, there’s also a section where you can see the latest statistics and odds.

  1. Planning your bets

Planning your bets is also important. Establish your budget and realistic goals and stick to them. Even if live bets are fun, you can take impulsive decisions. That’s why having a well established strategy can make the difference. Be disciplined and respect your plan.

Betwinner and live betting

Betwinner sportsbook offers you a big market of sports to choose from. This way, all the players can have fun with their favorite sports. Among the most popular markets of live betting on Betwinner we can find:

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Our advice would be that you’d concentrate on 1-3 sports or markets. This way, you’d be more informed. Specialising in a few certain markets will make you make better choices.

Moreover, it’s really important to know the moment when you should use the cash out option. A lot of sportsbooks offer this option. That will allow you to save the progress you’ve made before losing.



To conclude, live betting brings a new layer of fun in the world of gambling. The odds change frequently, that’s why it’s important to stay calm and not take impulsive decisions. Patience is the key. These tricks can help you increase your winning chances. Start now with Betwinner:

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