Sports betting strategies – complete analysis

In the dynamic world of sports betting, the success also depends on the odds interpretation and on the match’s evolution. Bettors understand that it’s not all about their passion for a certain discipline or team. It is also about a well established strategy, based on the analysis of key elements.

How to make a sports betting strategy?


The analysis of statistics is essential for sports betting. That includes analysing the history of your favorite team, but also its dynamics. Whether it’s basketball, football or no matter what other sports, understanding the statistics is the way in which online betting strategies (and sometimes traditional betting) are made.

Even if the final score is very important, bettors that have success also analyse and bet on multiple events. In what concerns team sports, analysing the factors such as possession of ball, precision of players etc provide new perspectives. On the other hand, in what concerns the statistics at individual sports, the percentage of serving or the precision are equally important.

Finally, in what concerns the injuries of an individual, they can affect the final result and/ or the dynamics of a game. A complete analysis of a player’s injuries is crucial to improve your chances of correctly betting.

Some strategies that may work

Even if the victory is not guaranteed, there are some actions you can take to increase your winning chances. See here some tricks:

  1. Register at an online sportsbook and claim your welcome bonus

To be able to bet more, it is recommended that you register at an online betting sportsbook. This way, you can receive a welcome bonus of 50-500% of your first deposit. Moreover, the bookmakers have a lot of promotions. For example, at Betwinner you can get a welcome bonus for sports betting.

  1. Analysing the trends

Analysing the trends over years can be a good strategy. That means that the performance of a team can be influenced by the weather, competitors etc. Recognising these trends can help you make better decisions.

  1. Manage your bankroll

The management of your bankroll is crucial. You must be disciplined, even if you play live bets. Establish real expectations and don’t bet more you can afford.

Final comments


In the world of sports betting, players and bettors must understand the basic rules to increase their winning chances. Statistics play a very important role. This way, you know how and why to bet. Claim now your welcome bonus of up to 100% for betting and choose Betwinner:

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